About Florida Workers’ Advocates
Florida Workers' Advocates (FWA) is an organization of civil justice attorneys representing injured workers in Florida. Our member attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers. FWA serves as the primary advocate on a range of issues affecting injured workers and their families. FWA members represent injured workers who have been wrongfully denied workers' compensation benefits by their employers and insurance carriers to which they are entitled by law. Current membership is 300+ members. FWA advocates that all injured workers be afforded:
• Fair and adequate lost wage benefits.
• Access to prompt, quality medical care.
• The unfettered right to retain an attorney.
• Access to re-education and rehabilitation benefits.
• Strong job-site safety laws and regulations.
• A good faith claims handling obligation for all employers and their insurance carriers.
• Fairness and justice.

About The FWA Educational Conference
• 150 attendees representing firms ranging from sole practitioners to ten-member law firms.
• Exhibition area located adjacent to the seminar room so that attendees must pass by exhibitors going to and from the room.
• Sponsors also attend the cocktail reception, which is another captive-audience networking opportunity.


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